tuesday night

im drunk its fun! i found a video its devastating 😦 but its ok im over it cus im crossed 🙂 woooot woooot vball tomorrow goodnight riah out.


sunday night

i just realized that putting things in writing really does feel like your letting it out. those putoshits are in the room right now but im chillin and am gunna be able to study. A+ ftw?

Saturday night

fuck me. Im home for the weekend which is nice and relaxing, but i have two midterms next week that im not very prepared for. Today i was supposed to be studying, but i ended up not getting much done since i was watching nicky play vball at his tournament all day. hes playing setter now and hes getting really good. right now im debating whether to stay up late and study or wake up early and study?? hmm and i hear music outside my house right now, at night, like theres a party somewhere, which is really really rare for my neighborhood so ima go check it out. peace love and little donuts


p.s… as i was laying here trying to sleep i was on fb and i realized that i dont really have any friends. cuz i was looking for someone to talk to that could take my mind off things or lighten the mood and i dont have anyone like that anymore. so ive decided fuck friends who needs em FFWN’E  oh yeah new saying phonetic-ly its “eff eff wuh nay”

Friday Night

Well i havent posted online in a looong time and here i am back again.  I usually find myself mainly writing during times when my life is fucked up. btw this is just gunna be like a personal journal/diary for myself and future self to read so if you somehow stumbled upon this page then leave now or forever hold your peace. ok so at this current time in my life i am a senior in college and just about to start midterms next week. I am trying to quit smoking as of this weekend. My girlfriend and i are on a ‘break’ and she has a fucker over at my house right now and almost every other night.  which is the main reason why im writing again. I love her so much and its too hard to let go. today i took what was supposed to be a 3hr train ride home, which turned into a 5 hour-all-day-thing cuz the train was delayed. and all i could do was think about her. I texted her on the way down but no response and im still awake now cuz she didnt say goodnight. I know that sounds immature or whatever, but ive just grown accustomed to saying goodnight to her everynight cuz weve been doing it for at least 6 years now.  So its just lame cuz shes over there fucking some ugly stupid dude while im over here thinking about it since she doesnt have the decency to say goodnight. end rant.